Company Announcements

Eurocontrol Technics, a subsidiary of Global Fluids International, agreed in January to acquire Xenemetrix, a developer of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) systems. Xenemetrix’s XRF systems make up the monitoring component of Eurocontrol’s Petromark technology.

Under a purchase and supply agreement, PANalytical began sales of XRF Scientific’s Eagon 2 fused bead preparation system.

Bruker AXS and Excillum announced an exclusive collaboration to develop and market a unique new metal-jet X-ray source for X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) applications.

CETAC Technologies named IAS as an additional distributor for Japan.

In March, Judges Scientific’s Fire Testing Technology subsidiary acquired Sircal Instruments, a maker of rare gas purifiers for use in metals analysis utilizing arc spark spectrometry, for £1 million ($1.5 million) in cash.

Product Introductions

Horiba and Innov-X Systems launched the MESA 6000 energy dispersive–XRF analyzer, a monochromatic XRF analyzer for measuring six low–atomic number elements in petrochemical and hydrocarbon fluids. The product is manufactured by Innov-X and sold under the Horiba name. Horiba is the exclusive global distributor for sales and service.

Innov-X Systems released the fully rugged DELTA line of handheld XRF analyzers, featuring no PDA or movable display, as well as an auto-calibrating, auto-charging docking station.

PANalytical, a Spectris company, introduced the CubiX3, the third-generation of its CubiX X-ray powder diffractometer range, featuring extra flexibility in sample handling for automated environments.

PANalytical introduced the AxiosmAX, which updates the Axios XRF with the SST-mAX X-ray tube.

Spectro Analytical Instruments launched the third-generation Spectro Midex mini XRF spectrometer, featuring a new silicon drift detector that processes up to 250,000 pulses per second and scans from a working distance of 20 mm from the sample.

InXitu released the benchtop laboratory version of its Terra portable XRD/XRF instrument. It performs powder diffraction and offers qualitative XRF data.

CETAC Technologies launched the ASXpress product line of Rapid Sample Introduction Systems for use with its autosamplers for time savings for ICP and ICP-MS.

Sales/Orders of Note

In February, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced the shipment of its 2,000th iCAP 6000 inductively coupled plasma–MS to Bormioli Rocco, a manufacturer of glass and plastic packaging, containers and tableware.

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