bioMérieux Buys Food Testing Firm

Marcy l’Étoile, France 2/7/19— Diagnostics firm bioMérieux has purchased molecular testing firm Invisible Sentinel for $75 million in cash. Invisible Sentinel 2018 sales grew double digits to $9 million.  Invisible Sentinel’s Veriflow technology is used to detect pathogens and spoilage organisms in food and beverage. More than one million Veriflow tests have been sold since 2014. bioMérieux stated that the technology complements its GENE-UP products for molecular food testing, as Veriflow tests can run on the same system, and allows bioMérieux to enter new market segments such as breweries and wineries. “This acquisition illustrates bioMérieux’s commitment to bring innovative solutions to customers of all sizes to ensure food and beverage quality and contribute to protecting consumer’s health,” commented Nicolas Cartier, executive vice president, bioMérieux’s Industrial Microbiology Unit.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Invisible Sentinel has 40 employees. The company’s Veriflow technology improves upon traditional PCR food testing, according to its website, with easier sample preparation, greater ease of use, rapid turnaround and low cost. For instance, the DNA Signature Capturing Technology eliminates the need for enrichment. The company sells tests for food protection, and beer, wine and water quality as well as a dedicated thermocycler and reader. bioMérieux’s GENE-UP is a real-time PCR technology.

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