Cell-based Analysis: Product Introductions

MDS Analytical Technologies launched Molecular Devices’ MetaMorph ICS confocal microscope, which combines Molecular Devices’ MetaMorph software and VisiTech International’s VT-Infinity(3) 2D-array laser confocal scanner.

Leica Microsystems introduced the DMI3000 B inverted microscope for live cell imaging using fluorescence.

Labtech International launched the ADAM (Automated Detection and Measurement System) Cell Counter for the measurement of cell number and cell viability using a four-sample disposable microchip and fluorescence microscopy.

Bio-Rad Laboratories introduced the Gene Pulser MXcell multiwell, plate-based electroporation system.

PerkinElmer launched the UltraVIEW VoX system for 3D live cell confocal imaging, featuring spinning disk technology.

Nexcelom Bioscience introduced the Cellmeter Auto M10 automatic cell counter for counting cells ranging from 2 to 20 microns in size.

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging launched AxioVision ASSAYbuilder, a suite of high-content analysis tools that can be added to any microscope with a digital imaging package. It features Thermo Scientific’s Cellomics product lines.

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