Microarrays: Company Announcements

Arthur Holden, Illumina Senior Vice President of Corporate and Market Development, resigned from the company in fall 2007.

Rosetta Biosoftware’s Syllego System achieved Affymetrix GeneChip-compatibility status.

Eppendorf Biochip Systems GmbH certified Girus Life Sciences as a service provider.

Oxford Gene Technology granted a license to Phalanx Biotech to fabricate and sell arrays in the US.

GRI is distributing Applied Microarrays’ CodeLink Gene Expression Bioarray System in the UK and France.

In November 2007, Nanogen closed its microarray business, which focused on diagnostic applications.

BioDiscovery joined the Illumina Connect bioinformatics program.

Biolytix AG signed a service provider agreement with Affymetrix UK.

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