Company Announcements

Electronic Sensor Technology entered into a distribution agreement with Brechbuhler AG for Switzlerland, France, Italy and Austria in December 2007.

In February, Electronic Sensor Technology announced a recapitalization agreement with Halfmoon Bay Enterprises, which will provide $5.5 million in exchange for 39%–44% ownership of its common stock, depending upon the stock’s closing price on the transaction date.

In February, DPS Instruments elected Richard R. Kurtz, former president of Alltech International, to its Board.

Revenue for Inficon AG’s Emergency Response and Security business fell 6.4% in 2007 to $17.3 million to make up 7% of total company sales.

Torion Technologies signed an exclusive technology agreement with Brigham Young University.

Product Introductions

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments introduced a toxicology reporting module for its 2010 Series GC/MS.

Agilent extended its Intelligent Services remote instrument monitoring and diagnostics capability to its 6890 and 7890 Series GC and its 5973 and 5975 Series GC/MS.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the Biodiesel GC Productivity Solutions featuring the Trace GC Ultra for three GC-based methods: EN 14103, EN 14105/ASTM D6584 and EN 14110.

Restek launched the MXT Biodiesel TG Column, featuring Integra-Gap technology, which eliminates the need for a retention gap column connector.

Baytek International released the TurboTube for direct delivery of a sample vial from the prep station into the GC turret and disposal via a pneumatic vial-transportation system and software.

Orbis BV launched the SIMDIS (simulated distillation) analyzer for the characterization of petroleum fractions.

CTC Analytics introduced the ITEX Option for its GC Injector System CombiPAL. The add-on module performs enrichment of volatile or semivolatile compounds during headspace analysis.

Shimadzu introduced the MDGC/GCMS 2010 multidimensional GC system in Japan in December 2007. It features digital flow-control technology and a new flow switching mechanism. It is available as a GC/GC or GC-GC/MS. The company forecasts sales of over ¥800 million ($6.8 million) in fiscal 2008, including peripherals.

LECO introduced a consumable-free version of its GCxGC dual-stage/quad jet thermal modulator.

Sales/Orders of Note

INFICON AG announced in December 2007 that it received an order for 38 HAPSITE Chemical Identification Systems from China’s State Environmental Protection Administration.

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