Company Announcements

In March, Real Time Genomics, a US subsidiary of NetValue, received a $3 million investment from Catamount Ventures. Real Time Genomics provides the SLIM Search sequence-comparison technology for genomic mapping and alignment functions that are tolerant of mismatches.

Systat Software and Rescentris agreed to globally offer their joint product, the SigmaCERF electronic lab notebook (ELN) and knowledge management platform for life science research.

As a member of Applied Biosystems’ SOLiD Software Development Community, GenoLogics will provide its Geneus lab and data management solution to users of the SOLiD genomic analysis platform and the companies have undertaken joint technical and marketing initiatives.

Under an exclusive agreement, Spinco Biotech will act as a premier distributor for Golden Helix in India.

Linguamatics integrated ChemAxon’s substructure and structure-similarity search capabilities into its I2E semantic knowledge discovery platform.

Under a strategic partnership, IT and consulting services firm Tessella is now a systems integrator for InforSense.

Date integrity solutions provider Surety joined Microsoft’s BioIT Alliance in April.

Product Introductions

Symyx Technologies released the DiscoveryGate Web Service, which provides platform-independent, remotely hosted scientific content.

Accelrys introduced the first components of the Cheminformatics Collection for Pipeline Pilot, including the List Management and Query Services system for chemistry-focused search and hit list management.

ArtusLabs launched the cross-disciplinary Ensemble ELN for capturing any intellectual property or concept as an electronic record regardless of the originating system. It utilizes Web 2.0 and cloud computing technologies.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services, in April, Applied Biosystems and Geospiza launched a cloud-computing solution for the SOLiD System, featuring their respective mapping tool and genetic analysis software.

In April, Microsoft introduced the Amalga Life Sciences software system for the management and analysis of heterogeneous experimental and operational research data. It features the “Concept Browser” for Unified Medical Language System ontology.

Simulations Plus released DDD Plus 3.0, featuring a redesign of the underlying architecture and user interface.

IO Informatics launched the Sentient Suite Knowledge Explorer 2.0, featuring tools for cross-ontology mapping.

Genedata introduced Screener 7.0, featuring improved support of multiplexed assay formats and technologies.

Symyx released Isentris Personal Edition for small and mid-sized R&D organizations and for individuals.

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