Jinan Hanon Instruments Acquires GC and IMS Supplier

Jinan, China 7/7/16; Abercynon, UK 9/26/16; Frankfurt, Germany 9/16/16—Jinan Hanon Instruments, a supplier of instruments for analytical chemistry, has acquired a strategic controlling interest in IMSPEX Diagnostics, the majority owner of German-based GAS. Financial details were not disclosed. IMSPEX Diagnostics and GAS provide GC- and IMS-based solutions  for rapid VOC analysis. Applications include food and beverage, environmental and health care/diagnostics. “This alliance will provide the IMSPEX/GAS Group with the stability and resources we need to further develop our markets for our very high quality range of instruments,” said IMSPEX CEO Santi Dominguez. “We expect this deal to provide excellent access to the Chinese market for our range of products, to provide us with a wider product range developed by HANON, and to allow us to leverage the outstanding manufacturing and R&D capabilities HANON has.” Jinan Hanon Chairman Sunny Wang stated, “This is our first overseas acquisition and we are very excited by the technology and expertise of IMSPEX/GAS, which is very well aligned with our current business focus. We believe it will prove very successful in our Chinese markets, and we very much look forward to the opportunities to support the development of the company in its current markets.”

Listed on China’s state-controlled National Equities Exchange and Quotations market, 400-employee Jinan Hanon generated 2015 revenues of RMB 110 million ($18 million = RMB 6.28 = $1). Its product lines include a range of analytical instrument systems and lab equipment, including microwave digestion systems.

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