Laboratory Products

Company Announcements

In December 2018, Labviva, an AI-powered digital marketplace for life science reagents, instrumentation and services, launched its platform to offer scientifically informed purchasing decisions. The website features scientific data and product validation information, and provides a seamless purchasing experience and integration with eProcurement platforms. Its listing features more than 500,000 products.


Lab Equipment

Company Announcements

Scientific Digital Imaging acquired Fistreem, a designer and manufacturer of water purification products and vacuum ovens, in September 2018 for £756,000 ($994,737). Fistreem generated revenues for the year ending August 31, 2017, of £645,000 ($848,684). Sixty-one percent of its sales are exports.

In December 2018, KNF, a provider of diaphragm pumps and systems for gases, vapors and liquids, established the KNF Digital Acceleration Center in Hamburg, Germany. The Center, home to a new company, is intended to be a driving force in the field of digitalization and to promote the culture of innovation, as well as the external impact of KNF., a pipette calibration facility and distributor, announced in December 2018 the addition of a new Eppendorf pipette, selected Gilson pipettes (the new Pipetman L, Gilson Pipetman and Microman) and all Rainin pipettes to its website. 

Kewaunee Scientific Chairman William A. Shumaker retired on January 31, citing personal reasons. He had served as CEO until 2013.

In February, Chemspace and LabNetwork, a WuXi AppTec company, which are both online marketplaces for chemical compounds used in drug discovery, entered into a collaboration agreement. LabNetwork’s products will be available on, with distribution and technical support provided by Chemspace for European customers. Use of the Chemspace database is free of charge for customers.

Product Introductions

In December 2018, Eppendorf introduced the CryoCube F740h, advanced F740Hi and water-cooled F740hiw ultra-low-temperature freezer models, featuring future-proof green cooling liquids.

VELP Scientifica released in January the VELP Ermes web platform enabling a connected ecosystem of devices, people and data.

In January, Asynt launched the affordable, five-module Reactor flow chemistry platform. It allows both single and multiphasic reactions to be carried out across a range of residence times. Total operating volume is 10 mL.

VIAFLO introduced in January 2 new 24-channel pipetting heads, extending the capabilities of its VIAFLO 96/384 pipettes for cell biology workflows. The new heads are a 10– 300 μL option for cell or reagent addition, and a 50 –1,250 μL version for media and buffer transfers.

Across International, a manufacturer of heat treatment, material processing, and laboratory equipment, released in February a new magnetic stirrer with a 7 in. heated plate, a maximum speed of 2,000 rpm and a maximum temperature of 350°C.

Caron announced in February that its Wally family of CO2 incubators now carries the CE mark and is available in the EU.

In February, Uniqsis announced that its PhotoSyn photoreactor light module for continuous flow chemistry is now available with alternative LED array configurations, which makes it compatible with a broader range of photochemical reactions.

Porvair Sciences released a 96-well, round bottom, 1 mL deep-well microplate manufactured in the US in February. The microplates are certified RNase/DNase free.


Lab Automation

Company Announcements

In November 2018, Techcomp signed an exclusive distribution agreement with liquid handler supplier Eprep for China, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.

The Boston Business Journal reported in December 2018 that HighRes Biosolutions promoted President Ira Hoffman to CEO, effective February 1. The company has $50 million in sales and 150 employees.

Andrew Alliance announced a collaboration agreement in February that will integrate its OneLab cloud-based software solution and connected devices into biotech firm Valitacell’s cell line development applications.

Andrew Alliance announced in February a co-marketing agreement to integrate Ziath’s DataPaq Mirage 2D barcode rack scanner and other devices with its OneLab software platform and associated hardware, bringing sample tracking capability to a large number of applications.

Sales for Brooks Life Science sales rose 40.5%, including 8% organic growth, for the fiscal first quarter ending in December 2018 to $66.7 million (see IBO 2/15/19). On an organic basis, Sample Management sales increased 8% and sales for recently acquired GENEWIZ (see IBO 10/15/18) grew 20%. The company added 60 new customers to its Sample Management business. Fiscal second quarter Life Science revenue is expected to be $81–$86 million, including Sample Management sales of $50–$52 million.

Product Introductions

In January, Hamilton Storage launched the LabElite DeCapper SL. The model is 20% smaller than the LabElite DeCapper. It is compatible with labware in 96-, 48- and 24-format tube racks, with internal or external threads, such as microtubes, cryovials and specialty tubes, from all major labware manufacturers.

In January, Gilson launched a cost effective benchtop instrumentation product line, comprised initially of the the CENTRY 101 Plate Centrifuge, the CENTRY 117 Microcentrifuge, the Digital Mini Incubator, the Digital Drybath series, the Mini Vortex, the Vortex Mixer, the Digital Hotplate Stirrer and the Roto-Mini Plus.

INFORS HT released in January a new Multitron incubator shaker, featuring a temperature-control concept that allows users to achieve optimum, gradient-free temperature uniformity, guaranteeing comparable growth conditions across all batches. Other new features include an improved hygienic design and an Ethernet interface.

In February, Andrew Alliance and Sartorius introduced the co-developed Andrew Alliance Pipette+ system. The Andrew Alliance Pipette+ system comprises several components that communicate with one another: Sartorius’ electronic single and multichannel pipette hardware, an intelligent stand and Andrew Alliances’ cloud-based OneLab software.

INTEGRA introduced in February the cost effective ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot. ASSIST PLUS can be programmed either directly on the pipette or remotely from a PC, and has three deck positions.

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