LC-MS & MS: Product Introductions

Invitrogen and HUPO (the Human Proteome Organization) launched the HUPO Gold Mass Spectrometry Protein Standard sampling program for development of what Invitrogen calls “the first commercially available all-recombinant human protein standard for mass spectrometry.” Applied Biosystems introduced the Cliquid Drug Screen and Quant Software for Routine Forensic Toxicology, a new software application for its LC/MS/MS systems. Waters launched the AquaAnalysis System, an online solid phase extraction/LC/MS/MS system featuring automated sample handling and column chemistries that requires only a fraction of the typical sample volume. Cerno Bioscience released the MassWorks sCLIPS (Self-Calibrated Lineshape Isotope Profile Search) for its MassWorks MS software suite, which enables ion trap MS to obtain formula identification. Bioinformatics Solutions launched the PEAKS Online peptide MS software 2.0. Agilent introduced the 6220 Accurate-Mass TOF and 6520 Accurate-Mass Q-TOF LC/MS systems, featuring mass resolution to 20,000. Phoenix S&T launched the SureSpray AutoNano System, featuring a 16-nozzle chip for nanoLC/MS and direct infusion MS. BioTrove launched the second-generation RapidFire MS system, a microfluidic-based sample preparation system for analysis of 10 384-well microtiter plates. Waters introduced the next-generation Synapt MS system, a quadrupole acceleration TOF MS platform, which is upgradeable to the Synapt High-Definition MS system.

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