Liquid Chromatography

Company Announcements

Kromasil announced earlier this year that it stopped selling analytical bulk material to independent column packers and is now only using a network of distributors.

In September, Chromatide partnered with Kromasil, an Akzo Nobel brand, to develop silica-based HPLC media with an emphasis in the area of chiral purification.

YMC opened an office in New Delhi, India, in May.

Thesis Chemistry will exclusively market Lanzhou ATECH Technologies’ chiral chromatography columns and stationary phases in North America and Europe.

In June, Dionex opened a wholly owned subsidiary in Stockholm, Sweden.

Advanced Materials Technology licensed Capsulution NanoScience AG’s LBL Technology for column packing materials.

Phenomenex opened a subsidiary in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in July.

JASCO and Princeton Chromatography are collaboration to sell their respective superfluid chromatography systems and columns.

Product Introductions

Knauer launched the PLATINblue ultra HPLC system, for operation at pressures up to 14500 psi and with sub-2 µm columns, and for operation as a standard HPLC.

Millipore introduced the Cogent µScale Tangential Flow Filtration system for process development and low-volume sample preparation.

Interchim introduced the puriFlash 430evo, featuring 200 mL/min flow rates at pressure up to 435 psi.

Viscotek introduced the Rimax gel permeation/size exclusion chromatography system.

Grace Discovery Sciences released the aerosol-based Quant NQAD Nano Quantity Analytical Detector.

Dionex introduced the Rapid Separation LC 2 µm columns, part of the Acclaim bonded silica columns.

Thermo Fisher Scientific released the ChromQuest 5.0 chromatography data system software (CDS) in June, featuring a new user interface and data reporting.

Phenomenex introduced the Lux line of polysaccharide-based columns for chiral HPLC/SEC, which are offered in two chiral stationary phases. The columns are based on technology acquired from Sepaserve GmbH.

Metrohm AG introduced the Metrosep A Supp 15 and A Supp 16 anion exchange columns.

JASCO released the ChromNAV CDS, its first in-house developed CDS, in July.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the Hypersil GOLD 1.9 µm Javelin HTS column, a 10 mm column.

Supelco, a Sigma-Aldrich company, introduced the Express RP-Amide column for alternative reversed phase selectivity.

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