Liquid Chromatography: Company Announcements

Sepax Technologies is constructing a 100,000 sq. ft. Chromatography Science building in Changzhou, China to be completed in June 2008 for the production of columns, silica chemistry, polymer resin, bulk media and instruments, as well as for research of natural product separations and Chinese medicine.

On January 1, Seika Corporation of America changed its name to YMC America and added technical and other staff to support HPLC column sales.

Spark System Solutions named Alpha MOS its French distributor in January, replacing Polymer Laboratories.

Armen Instruments appointed ChromSolutions a distributor for its centrifugal partition chromatography instruments in the UK and Ireland.

In February, Dionex announced the establishment of a subsidiary in Singapore, creating its seventh Asia-Pacific subsidiary and its 18th direct sales subsidiary.

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