Merck Completes Acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich

The three customer segments will be Research, Applied and Process Solutions. According to Merck’s third quarter conference call, Sigma is expected to add €300 million ($333 million) to 2015 Life Science sales and €80–95 million ($89–$106 million) to the business’s net income. Sigma shares will be delisted.

Darmstadt, Germany 11/18/15—On November 18, Merck KGaA finalized its $17 billion acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich (see IBO 9/30/14). Except for SAFC Hitech, which was integrated into Merck’s Performance Materials business, Sigma-Aldrich joined Merck’s Life Science business, which is expected to have combined 2015 pro forma revenues of €4.6 billion ($5.1 billion = €0.90 = $1) to make up over a third of Merck’s total year-end sales. “The acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich marks the culmination of almost a decade of transformation, further affirming that Merck is a leading science and technology company,” stated Merck Chairman and CEO Karl-Ludwig Kley. The combined business will use the name Merck, except in the US and Canada, where it will be known as MilliporeSigma. Marketing & Innovation teams, focused on strategy and product portfolio, road map and value, will be organized around three customer segments. In addition, the business will be organized by Commercial Area, which will be managed on a geographical basis and responsible for marketing, sales, and relationships with customers and dealers.

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