Metrohm Expands Raman Offerings

Herisau, Switzerland 11/16/17—Metrohm’s Metrohm Raman subsidiary has acquired Diagnostic anSERS. Diagnostic anSERS’ low-cost SERS (Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering) substrates to provide a solution for field detection of trace analytes. “The P-SERS platform is perfect for detection of nonvisible amounts of materials that are undetectable without SERS enhancement,” stated Metrohm Raman CEO Dr. Keith Carron. Metrohm will begin selling the SERS substrates in early 2018 when it releases the Mira DA in early 2018.

SERS enhances a Raman signal by using a metal substrate, enabling measurement of materials at low concentration. Advantages of Diagnostic anSERS’ substrates are their single use, low cost and physical flexibility. Field applications include drug testing and food testing. Among other companies providing SERS solutions are HORIBA and Ocean Optics.

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