Microarrays: Product Introductions

In July, Illumina introduced the Infinium HumanHap550-Duo BeadChip, a two-chip format for greater throughput and lower cost per sample, priced at $290–$370 per sample, depending on volume.

Illumina launched the Infinium HumanLinkage-12 Genotyping BeadChip, available for $90 per sample.

Roche NimbleGen introduced four-plex eukaryotic gene expression microarrays and services in September.

In September, Affymetrix officially released the GeneChip Mouse and Rat Gene 1.0ST Arrays, requiring only 100 ng of total RNA as starting material.

SciGene introduced a version of the Little Dipper Microarray Processor for use with Agilent microarrays.

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