Middle East

Despite their oil resources, Middle Eastern countries are making record investments in clean energy, targeting R&D and green manufacturing in order to maintain their leadership in energy. Masdar, near Abu Dhabi, will produce zero carbon emissions and be home to an MIT satellite campus as well as a research park. According to CH2M’s Nancy Tuor, the size of the Masdar project has forced companies to develop cleaner technologies. In general, the region’s massive funding appears to have reinvigorated environmental technology development. Abu Dhabi’s crown prince has announced a $15 billion investment in renewable energy, and Qatar plans to contribute $220 million to Britain’s fund for low carbon technology. Among the first grants awarded by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology was $25 million to Stanford researcher Michael McGehee for a solar power research center. The University has also entered into agreements with a number of major Western universities. In terms of green manufacturing, the Middle East has an advantage compared to the West in that it will not have to overhaul an aging manufacturing base.

Source: New York Times

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