Molecular Spectroscopy

Company Announcements

Datacolor and China Textile Information Center partnered to provide training and color certification programs in digital color management.

TeraView appointed Dr. Barrie Thorpe, formerly executive vice president of Operations for AstraZeneca, and Dr. Andrew Carr, formerly director of Amersham, to its Board in 2006.

Perten Instruments set up a fully owned Chinese subsidiary in 2006.

Perten Instruments appointed Stefan Fahlén as chief technology officer and Bengt Sahlin as vice president of Sales.

Aspectrics appointed Robert G. Messerschmidt as chief technology officer in November 2006. He was previously vice president of Fovioptics.

Under an OEM agreement, Headwall Photonics will supply ChemImage with its integrated spectrometer systems for cost-effective, application-specific chemical imaging systems.

In March, Aspectrics established a Professional Services Division to create turnkey custom solutions for specific application requirements. John Beauchaine, former vice president of Sales, will head the Division.

John Poling, former general manager and vice president of Sales and Marketing for Buchi Analytical, was named vice president of Worldwide Sales.

In March, Techcomp announced it will distribute and service Horiba’s fluorescence product range in China.

Product Introductions

Horiba Jobin Yvon released version 5.0 of its LabSpec software for Raman spectroscopy.

CRAIC Technologies introduced the UVM-1 Broadband UV-Vis-NIR range microscope for the acquisition of transmission, reflectance, polarization anisotropy and fluorescence microscopic images.

NIR Technology released the Series 2000 Creams and Lotion Analyzer, a diode array spectrometer.

Analytical Spectral Devices introduced the goLab Mobile Workstation for its portable spectrometers.

Wilks Enterprise launched the InfraCal Filtometer, a portable, fixed-filter IR analyzer.

Edinburgh Instruments released the FAST (fluorescence analysis software technology) software package for the advanced analysis of fluorescence and phosphorescence decay kinetics.

X-Rite launched the iSis color chart reader.

X-Rite launched the entry-level i1DisplayLT colorimeter for emissive color measurements and the i1Photo LT handheld spectrophotometer for a “monitor-to-printer” match workflow.

FOSS A/S released the FOSS-hosted remote Internet access (RINA) software suite for connecting individual NIR instruments to a control center.

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