Product Introductions

Bruker BioSpin introduced the QCI CryoProbe, a proton-optimized quadruple resonance NMR inverse probe for structural biology applications involving proteins, RNA and DNA.

Bruker BioSpin released the 500 MHz BBFOplus SmartProbe for routine small-molecule NMR.

Bruker BioSpin launched the 900 MHz WB US2, calling it the world’s highest field, actively shielded wide bore 89 mm NMR magnet.

Bruker BioSpin introduced the 850 MHz US Plus, calling it the world’s highest field, actively shielded standard bore 54 mm, compact single-story NMR magnet.

Sales/Orders of Note

Bruker BioSpin announced in November 2008 an order valued at close to $20 million from Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology for 10 NMR spectrometers, including a 950 MHz superconducting NMR magnet.

In March, Oxford Instruments announced the 27th sale of its HyperSense In Vitro Dynamic Nuclear Polariser. The system was launched three-years ago.

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