Nucleic Acid Amplification: Company Announcements

Takata Bio granted Kemp Biotechnologies a worldwide license to make, use and sell LA-PCR–related products, bringing its number of LA-PCR licensees to 20.

This year, Applied Biosystems began to manufacture its own enzymes for use in its TaqMan gene expression and genotyping master mixes.

Applied Biosystems and Integromics SL will comarket an integrated real-time PCR and data analysis platform, featuring Integromics’ Real-Time StatMiner software.

Enigman Diagnostics entered into a new exclusive license agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, extending its licenses to technologies, including Pyrostart, ResonSense and Temperature Control, until 2026 and enabling sub-licensing for PCR and non-PCR applications.

In September, Cepheid announced the appointment of an eight-person science advisory board.

Bar Harbor BioTechnology named Robert Phelps, most recently with Applied Biosystems, as president in September.

Asuragen licensed Roche Molecular Systems’ real-time PCR technology for clinical gene expression profiling and DNA analysis.

In November, Exiqon A/S exclusively licensed a miRNA quantitative real-time PCR technology from Rosetta Inpharmatics, a Merck & Co. subsidiary.

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