Nucleic Acid Amplification: Product Introductions

QIAGEN NV released the QuantiFast Probe RT-PCR Kit, featuring QuantiFast RT Mix for cDNA synthesis in 10 minutes. Analytik Jena AG introduced the compact SatelliteSC and high-end AlphaSC thermocyclers. Applied Biosystems introduced the TaqMan Array Human MicroRNA Panel, configured in an array format. Applied Biosystems launched the Fast SYVR Green Master Mix for real-time PCR. Promega released the Plexor HY System for DNA quantitation down to 6.4 pg of autosomal or Y-chromosomal DNA. NuGEN Technologies announced in September that its Ovation System for RNA amplification had been validated for use with Agilent and Illumina microarray platforms. GRI introduced Kapa Biosystem’s KAPA SYBR kit, which is engineered for nonspecific real time/qPCR using SYBR Green dye, and the KAPA2G Fast PCR kit. Bar Harbor BioTechnology launched The Perfect Circle, comprised of GeneSieve bioinformatics, StellARray real-time PCR arrays and Global Pattern Recognition bioanalysis applications. Invitrogen released the STEMPRO Ezchek Multplex PCR Kit for monitoring the differentiation states of human embryonic stem cells with one reaction.

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