Surface Science: Product Introductions

Park Systems released the XE-NSOM/Raman AFM for near-field optical microscopy and Raman spectrometry, featuring Raman technology provided by Horiba Jobin Yvon.

Leica Microsystems introduced the SD6000 Spinning Disk Confocal module for visualizing biological processes in live cells in real time.

Oxford Instruments released the 50 mm2 Si(Li) transmission electron microscope (TEM) energy dispersive detector for higher throughput applications.

FEI released microValidator software for scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and X-ray microanalysis systems. It is compatible with EDAX and Bruker X-ray microanalysis systems.

FEI launched the Nova NanoSEM 30 Series, consisting of three high-end versatile field emission SEM models that feature low kV performance.

In October, FEI introduced the Titan3 80-300 scanning/TEM, featuring two CS-aberration correctors and a monochromator on a single instrument.

JPK Instruments introduced the BioMATT Workstation for the sequential application of AFM and optical imaging to the same sample region.

Imago Scientific Instruments released the new LEAP HR family of atom probe microscopes for materials research applications.

Micro Photonics launched the Nanovea PS50 profiling system.

Leica Microsystems AG introduced the Leica EM AMW microwave systems for the automatic dehydration, infiltration and polymerization of specimens in resin.

Asylum Research released the Piezo Force Module for the MFP-3D AFM.

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