Process Analysis: Product Introductions

Siemens Automation and Drives introduced the Sitrans CV process GC for determining the chemical composition, superior and inferior calorific values, Wobbe index and density of natural gas.

Lonza AG introduced the PyroSense online monitoring system for detection of endotoxin in water systems.

ABB released the SpectraFlow CM100 raw material analyzer for cement manufacturing.

Analytical Technology introduced the Q45N Dissolved Ammonia Monitor for online monitoring of ammonia in water and wastewater streams.

Aspectrics launched the EP-NIR 2750i at-line biofuels analyzer.

Senscient released the SenseLine ELDS (enhanced laser diode spectroscopy) OPGD (open path gas detection) system, featuring an open path configuration.

Picarro launched the EnviroSense 3000i ambient gas monitor for measuring methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor, designed for climate change scientists.

Thermo Fisher Scientific released the Orion 2109XP Fluoride Monitor for online water analysis.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the Pulsar beverage-grade CO2 analyzer for measuring total sulfur, total volatile hydrocarbons, total aromatic hydrocarbons and moisture.

Real Tech launched the Real UVT (transmittance) online monitor, a continuous UV 254 nm testing monitor for organic water quality.

X-Rite introduced the VeriColor Spectro in-line spectrophotometer, priced at less than $20,000.

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