Updating its 2008 R&D survey (see IBO 12/31/08), Battelle and R&D Magazine now estimate that total R&D spending for 40 countries will grow 1.6% to $1.125 trillion this year, compared to the earlier estimate of a 3.2% increase. The update accounts for stimulus plans and the continuing recession. A survey of readers of four magazines targeting researchers published by Advantage Business Media conducted in early 2009 found that 20%–35% of those surveyed expect a greater than 10% decrease in their 2009 R&D budgets. One-third expect no change in their R&D budgets. The effects of the recession included hiring freezes, which were reported by 53% of respondents; budget cuts, which were reported by 48%; and increased cost savings, which were reported by 45%. Asked where academics will apply stimulus funds, 36% of respondents answered “research” and 23% answered “equipment”. However, few respondents believed that the US stimulus would greatly impact their R&D budget and viewed it as only a one-time event.

Source: R&D Magazine

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