SOTAX Purchases Service Provider

Aesch, Switzerland 12/17/18—SOTAX has bought service providers GNA Analytical (Labserv Ireland) and its UK subsidiary NLG Labserv for an undisclosed amount. GNA Analytical provides services for life science applications, specializing in dissolution testing, LC, GC and temperature validation. “We have listened to our client base, who repeatedly have asked for multi-vendor provision from the SOTAX Group to offer delivered services other than those for SOTAX products,” commented SOTAX CEO and President Rolf Benz.

SOTAX supplies dissolution testing and physical testing instrumentation, and can now expand its service offerings in specific regions. Patrick Ballmer, vice president, head of Business Unit America, at SOTAX told IBO, “SOTAX has entered into this service space due to frequent requests from our customers globally.” Asked about the possible effect of Brexit on the company’s ability to provide such services in the UK, he commented, “Brexit will not impact our ability to offer multi-vendor services in either the UK or Republic of Ireland, as NLG Labserv Ltd and GNA Analytical have strong local teams within the respective countries already delivering best-in-class multi-vendor services.” GNA Analytical and NLG Labserv have 27 employees.

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