Company Announcements

Radleys appointed Heidolph Brinkmann as the exclusive North American distributor for its chemistry apparatus. Radleys has more than 7,000 systems installed worldwide.

In February, MultiSynTech GmbH granted Biotage AB distribution rights to its peptide synthesis systems. The companies will also jointly develop a new microwave-aided peptide synthesis system.

Italian contract research organization EspiKem, SRL will offer specialized training courses for microwave-assisted peptide synthesis using CEM’s Liberty Microwave Peptide Synthesizer, and the companies will collaborate on proteomic applications.

In April, ThalesNano named CM Corporation as its South Korean distributor.

Product Introductions

CEM introduced the microwave-based Accent Peptide Cleavage System for performing full peptide cleavage in less than 30 minutes.

CEM launched the Explorer-12 Hybrid Synthesizer, calling it the smallest automated microwave synthesizer.

Syrris released the Atlas SonoLab System, an automated ultrasound system for sonocrystallization, sonomilling and sonochemistry. The system combines Syrris’s Atlas jacketed reactor platform with Prosonix’s SonoLab technology.

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