Volume 30, Issue 19 (January 18, 2022)

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The IBO 2022 Market Forecast

2021’s Market Trends

Life Science Market to Post Mid-Single Digit Growth

Mass Spectrometry: Pharma and Biotech to Drive Sales

Chromatography: A Range of End-Markets Show Growth

Laboratory Automation: Robotics Leads Growth Rates

Surface Science: Semiconductor End-Market Supports Demand

Molecular Spectroscopy: Growth Dips Post COVID Rebound

Atomic Spectroscopy: Sustained Growth Founded on Industrial Demand

Sample Preparation: NA Prep Growth Hurt by Year-over-Year Comparison

Materials Characterization: Customer Supply Chain Issues Impact Demand

Laboratory Equipment: Bioreactors Fuel Growth

End-Market Forecast: Industrials and Biotech Lead the Way

Regional Forecast: Developing Nations Spur Growth

Executive Briefing

The latest news on revised sales guidance, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Insightful Science and more


Broad-Based Companies


Life Science Consumables

Surface Science

Bottom Line


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