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The Analytical Instrument Market: Shifting Growth Dynamics

This spring, Strategic Directions International (SDi) published its latest “Global Assessment Report,” providing comprehensive market forecasts and sizing information for the laboratory tools industry. SDi, part of Science and Medicine Group, is a business intelligence company specializing in analytical and life science instruments. The report covers 10 categories of analytical and life science instrumentation (excluding […]

Advancing Mass Spectrometry: The UK’s C-MASS Network

In March, the UK government announced a major investment in the country’s mass spectrometry (MS) capabilities. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) will provide £49.35 million ($62.4 million) in funding over five years for Critical Mass UK (C-MASS), a network of MS labs supporting large-scale screening, protocol development, data tools and cataloging, among other priorities. UKRI […]

Lab Instrument Sales in China Collapse

The Chinese market for laboratory instruments suffered in 2023, as the country’s economic environment, end of stimulus funding, tariffs, political tensions with the US and local competition hurt sales for many multinational instrumentation companies. The unprecedented situation was made evident by the financial results of some of the world’s largest analytical instrument and consumable providers, […]

Pittcon 2024 Comes to San Diego

The annual Pittcon (Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy) laboratory science conference and exhibition will be held in San Diego, California, February 24-28. This marks the show’s first time on the West Coast. Run by the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP) and the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP), the conference has […]

Spatial Biology and Spatial Omics Imaging Systems

Spatial biology is a rapidly growing segment of the life science tools market, driven by the expansion of cellular studies from bulk analysis to single-cells analysis and progress in multi-omic research, among other factors. Technology advances have also grown the market by enabling automated and higher-resolution analysis and greater multiplexing. The lab tool market for […]

BioEcho Brings New Solutions to Nucleic Acid Extraction

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Cologne, Germany, BioEcho provides solutions for nucleic acid extraction and analysis. The company’s EchoLUTION Kits provide an alternative to other nucleic acid extraction techniques. IBO spoke with Dr. Laura Torres Benito, Scientific Communications Manager for BioEcho, about the company and its product line. Can you describe the history of […]

Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands NGS IVF Offerings

Infertility affects around one in six adults worldwide, according to the WHO. Determining the health of embryos prior to implementation is key to addressing infertility. Testing has become even more significant due to the aging population of pregnant women and medical tourism. Next generation sequencing (NGS) has been widely adopted for pre-implantation genetic testing labs. […]

Rising R&D Spending Results in Product Introductions from 10x Genomics, Pacific Biosciences and 908 Devices

Despite a year of uneven sales growth, a falling stock market and inflationary pressures, the laboratory tool industry maintained its track record of increasing R&D spending in 2022, as measured by the performance of its largest held public companies. Worth more than $80 billion, according to Strategy Directions International (SDi), the laboratory tool industry excludes […]

Analytical Instrumentation and Food Testing: Leading Markets

Analytical testing is an essential part of food development and production. Key applications include quality control and safety. Testing covers all steps in the food production process from testing for physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics in raw materials and ingredients through final products.  As such, testing is done in labs, in the field and during […]

Getting to Know the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF)

The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) will hold its Annual Meeting May 7–10, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts. ABRF is a membership organization that brings together Core facilities across the US and supports more than 2,400 members at over 400 institutions including organizations in government, academia, research, industry and commercial settings. Over 50% of members […]