Volume 32, Issue 13 (October 16, 2023)

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Fall 2023 Litigation Review: Bio-Rad, SCIEX and Tecan

Executive Briefing

The latest on Illumina, Abcam, Bruker and more


Second Quarter Results: 10x Genomics, Bio-Rad Laboratories, HORIBA, NanoString Technologies and Oxford Nanopore

Market Profile

Fusion Sample Preparation

Industry Watch

Medtech: Little Recovery

Clinical: New Alzheimer’s Blood Tests

R&D: Innovation Index Released

Industry Watch

China: Survey Results Shows Pharma Expects Sales Growth

Brazil: New Programs to Support Healthcare Self-Sufficiency

Malaysia: Increased Healthcare Budget


Broad-Based Companies



Life Science Instruments

Gene-Based Analysis

Cell-Based Analysis

Protein-Based Analysis

Bottom Line

Companies’ latest financial results

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