Volume 32, Issue 15 (November 16, 2023)

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The IBO 2023 Fall Business Climate Survey: Many Unknowns and Some Bright Spots

Lithium-Ion Battery Materials Characterization: Broad-Based Suppliers Aim to Serve the Value Chain

Executive Briefing

The latest on Oxford Nanopore, Maravai, Azenta and more


Third Quarter Results: Danaher, Illumina, Sartorius, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Waters

Market Profile

Discrete Analyzers for Beverage Analysis

Industry Watch

Semiconductors & Microelectronics: Roadmap Released

Biopharma: Patient Organizations’ Role Expands

Region Watch

China: Rare Disease Research

Sweden: Government R&D Proposal

Saudi Arabia: Biotech Fundraising



Life Science Instruments

Gene-Based Analysis

Cell-Based Analysis

Protein-Based Analysis

Laboratory Products


Lab Automation

Lab Equipment

Sample Preparation


Materials Characterization

Bottom Line

Companies’ latest financial results

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