Synthesizing organic compounds can be a long and tedious process. Traditional automated organic synthesizers incorporate heating blocks into specialized liquid handling workstations and can take several days for reactions to complete. In contrast, microwave systems employ microwave radiation as the heat source, which reduces the time for compound synthesis. Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis (MAOS) offers other […]

Company Announcements BD Biosciences integrated Ingenuity’s Knowledge Base and Search and Pathway Navigation technologies into its new website. Strand Life Sciences named François Mandeville executive vice president, Marketing, Technology and Strategy. He was previously with Agilent Technologies. Biomatters and GenomeQuest integrated their respective Geneious Pro 4.8 and GenomeQuest 6.0Beta to offer a top-down discovery methodology […]

Company Announcements Sigma-Aldrich elected Dr. George M. Church to its Board in October. He is a professor of Genetics at the Harvard Medical School. Sigma-Aldrich expanded its license with Sangamo BioSciences to include exclusive rights to develop and distribute zinc finger DNA binding protein-modified cell lines for commercial production of protein pharmaceuticals. STEMCELL Technologies announced […]

The EPA budget, excluding funding for emergencies including repairs and fire prevention, experienced a sharp increase of 35.5% to $10.3 billion for fiscal 2010. The EPA’s Science and Technology appropriation, which supports programs for air quality management focused on vehicular emissions control, climate protection and research in fields including clean air and clean water, increased […]

Company Announcements Rigaku formed Applied Rigaku Technologies (ART), a new R&D, manufacturing, sales, service and support subsidiary, which includes the EDXRF Center of Excellence in Austin, Texas. ART is an affiliated company of the Rigaku XRF product group in Japan and aims to deliver partnership-level service and support. Product Introductions InXitu introduced the BTX, a […]

The US dollar continued to slide in November reaching a 15-month low against the euro. Other factors influencing the markets were better than expected US home sales and a decline in unemployment claims. However, consumer confidence levels and manufacturing activity declined this month. In addition, on November 24, the US Commerce Department revised downward the […]

London, UK 10/20/09 and 11/17/09; Manchester, UK 10/19/09—Millbrook Scientific Instruments, maker of the NanoTest nanomechanical test system, has delisted its stock from London’s AIM exchange. The company sought to cancel its listing in order to reduce costs, limit competitive exposure and reduce the time burden on management. The company has also changed its name to […]

Madison, WI 11/3/09—Life science research instrument company Illumina has filed suit against microarray provider Affymetrix in the US District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. Illumina alleges infringement of US Patent No. 7,612,020 (Composite Array Utilizing Microspheres With a Hybridization Chamber) by Affymetrix’s Array Plate products, the GeneChip HT Array Plate Scanner, GeneChip HT […]

Billerica, MA 11/23/09—Millipore has acquired the remaining 60% ownership of its joint venture in India. Based in Bangalore, Millipore India is primarily a sales, service and manufacturing organization with approximately 300 employees. “By establishing direct operations in the country, we will be able to more effectively execute our strategy and leverage our unique capabilities to […]

Enschede, The Netherlands 11/16/09—Concept to Volume BV (C2V) has announced its acquisition by Thermo Fisher Scientific. C2V’s micro-GC products and customized MEMS (microelectric mechanical system) solution, which features an integrated micro chip technology with narrow bore capillary GC columns (see IBO 3/15/08). The products will be sold under the Thermo Scientific brand. “The acquisition is […]