Advion Announces the Launch of RePlay™ and FloTek Products

New Microfluidic Technology for Proteomic Research

April 1, 2008, Ithaca, NY – Advion BioSystems, a leading supplier of microfluidic devices for the life sciences industry, launches the latest advancements in proteomic research – the Advion RePlay and FloTek systems.

RePlay is a new nanoLC tool that provides proteomic researchers with two complementary MS analyses from one injection. Suited for rapid identification of proteins and structural identification of post translational modifications, RePlay splits a chromatographic run into two separations directing one to the MS for analysis while simultaneously directing the other into the Capture Cartridge. Once the initial MS analysis completes, RePlay switches flow and the captured chromatographic separation is then analyzed while the nanoLC system reequilibrates thereby increasing mass spectrometer utilization time while decreasing the need for extra time and sample.

Compatible with all nanosprayers, including MS vendor supplied sprayers, third party sprayers, pulled capillaries, and the ESI Chip, RePlay is also compatible with existing nanoLC systems and mass spectrometers.

Proteomics researchers have demonstrated that a second analysis of the same sample can improve protein and peptide coverage, increase identification of post translational modifications, and improve analytical confidence. Such repeat analysis provides more information by allowing varied analytic conditions and increased analysis time. However, the time for a single nanoLC analysis is generally 60 minutes, and many researchers do not have adequate amounts of sample or time to invest in a reanalysis. RePlay allows the researcher to obtain two analyses without a second injection saving time and sample.

Matthias Mann, a scientific collaborator from the Max Planck Institute, states “The RePlay device was co-developed in our laboratory, and we believe it will have a significant impact on proteomic research.” Jennifer Busby, another RePlay user at Scripps Research, adds, “In a proteomics service laboratory, time is money. RePlay allows me to do more in the same amount of time and thus, increase my mass spectrometer usage.”

Thomas Kurz, President of Commerical Operations, comments on the product launch, “Advion is positioning itself as a leader in microfluidic chemistry. There is a large need in the low flow proteomics market for a device that can improve information content of complex samples, increase expensive mass spectrometer utilization time, and maximize available sample. We have developed RePlay as an add-on product to existing nanoLC/MS systems to address all of these needs, and are pleased with the data we have seen from our users.”

In addition to the RePlay device, Advion is releasing FloTek, a digital nanoflow meter. FloTek allows nanoLC users to quickly and accurately determine flow rates from their existing nanoLC system, a crucial measurement necessary for analysis. The FloTek device is intended to monitor nanoLC performance as well as assist in diagnosing nanoLC system issues. It can be used in conjunction with RePlay or as a stand alone device.

Advion has received patent pending status of RePlay, and is the sole supplier of this technology. Orders for the RePlay and Flotek devices should be placed with a local Advion account manager.

About Advion BioSystems, Inc.

Advion is the scientific leader in microfluidics systems. The company’s scientific knowledge base creates unique nanotechnologies delivering speed, flexibility, and exceptional data quality. Advion is the microfluidics supplier of choice for customers demanding scientific excellence that provides better synthesis, accurate mass analysis, higher yields and greater throughput. More information about the company can be found on their website at

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