Agilent acquires Atomic Force Microscopy Company

Palo Alto, CA —Agilent Technologies has acquired Molecular Imaging, a developer and manufacturer of atomic force microscopes (AFMs), including the PicoPlus modular AFM. “This is a strategic acquisition for Agilent

because it complements our core strength of measurement technology while growing our presence in nanotechnology,”said Bob Burns, vice president of Agilent’s Nanotechnology Measurements Division. Molecular Imaging’s operations will remain in Tempe, Arizona and all of the company’s employees have joined Agilent. Agilent cites nanotechnology as one application area in which technologies from both of its two businesses, Electronic Measurement and Bio-Analytical Measurement, are applicable. Agilent also stated that the acquisition complements its “solid position” in the laser interferometer market for measuring distances at the nanometer scale. AFM measures the shape and properties of materials at the nanometer scale.

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