JPK Instruments and Physik Instrumente celebrate five years of successful collaboration

Berlin- Berlin-based JPK Instruments AG and Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG from Karlsruhe can look back on five years of successful collaboration.

JPK Instruments decided in the early development phase of the company to bet on the technology of the market leader PI. From the very first, JPK’s NanoWizard® atomic force microscopes were exclusively equipped with PI’s piezo nanopositioning systems. Only the OEM modules developed especially for JPK reach the critical performance necessary for JPK products.

PI’s technology of flexure guided scanners with parallel-kinematic design and capacitive sensors allows JPK to cover a range from 100µm x 100µm down to atomic resolution with one single scan system. In addition, JPK benefits from the further development of PI products.

Torsten Jähnke, CTO of JPK Instruments, says: “It was the right decision in a critical development phase to bet on a well-engineered technology that accomplishes JPK’s demand for high quality. Over the years PI has become an important part of our story of success.”

In order to keep the competitive edge in technology for the further development of its product lines, JPK will continue in the future to count on PI products. Through customer-specific developments, according to JPK’s guidelines, PI will ensure the high performance of future generations of instruments. JPK Instruments and Physik Instrumente will continue working on faster, ultra precise, high-resolution positioning systems with maximum sensor performance.

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