Ajinomoto Genexine CELLiST launches new cell culture medium ‘AminoSupp…

Target single and double sanction badge users

Expected effectiveness of covering various types of cell culture media

Ajinomoto Genexine’s cell culture medium brand CELLiST (CELLiST) announced on the 24th that it has launched ‘AminoSupplement Cys1/Cys2’.

CELLiST plans to construct and supply a product lineup that can cover various types of cell culture media by dividing it into two types, AminoSupplement Cys1 and Cys2 in powder form. Each product has the characteristic of suppressing the formation and precipitation of cystine and improving the aggregation of Cys components in the medium to maximize protein production.

AminoSupplement Cys1 is divided into two package types: 1L aluminum pouch (6.61g) and 50L plastic round container (331g) and is supplied to ‘single product badge users’. On the other hand, AminoSupplement Cys2 is a 1L aluminum pouch (17.0g) and 25L plastic round container (425g) type, targeting ‘dual sanctions badge users’ as its main target.

This new product has secured safety with a chemically composed cell culture medium that does not contain animal-derived substances. The advantage is that it excludes L-glutamine, sodium bicarbonate, and poloxamer, and does not affect the glycan profile and charge variants, so there is no risk of deformation during cell culture.

In particular, ‘AminoSupplement Cys2’ maximizes stability and can be expected to reduce costs. While typical dual preparation media require two tanks to compensate for instability, Cys 2 can be cultured with just one tank due to improved stability, which leads to a reduction in operating costs.

An official from Ajinomoto Genexine said, “AminoSupplement Cys1/Cys2 is a medium supplement for cell culture experiments. By improving titer, reliability and consistency can be secured in cell culture and research results, significantly reducing the time and cost required for cell culture.” “You can save money,” he said.

Ajinomoto Genexine is a joint venture established in 2012 by global company Ajinomoto and domestic bio venture Genexine. By producing cell culture media through the cell culture media brand CELLiST, we succeeded in localizing cell culture media, which had previously been entirely imported.

Over the past 10 years, we have been developing, manufacturing, and supplying animal cell culture media containing high-quality amino acids that meet both cell growth speed and protein production capacity. CELLiST’s cell culture medium is made based on Ajinomoto’s amino acid research capabilities and technology, and the high-quality amino acids can meet both cell growth speed and protein production capacity. It can be used in most CHO cell lines, including CHO-K1, CHO-S, CHO-DG44, and CHO-DXB11.

In addition, we are providing technical services necessary for changing cell culture media using the latest cell culture equipment and analysis equipment owned by our own research center. CSC (CELLiST Solution Center) utilizes various equipment (Ambr15, Junior, Cedex Bio HT, etc.) to support customized optimization research, media screening and supernatant analysis, and document preparation services required for related approval procedures.

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