Analytical Spectral Devices to Demo First Portable Drug Anti- Counterfeiting Technology at IFPAC

Boulder, Colo., — Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc. (ASD) introduces the ASD Smart Ethernet Adapter for use with ASD Pro model FieldSpec®, LabSpec®, and QualitySpec®, parallel port spectrometers. The Smart Ethernet Adapter is designed with a specialized high-performance internal microprocessor that easily enables RJ45/Ethernet connectivity. With the addition of the adapter, users of ASD parallel port instruments can now upgrade instrument controllers and software versions, enabling them to take advantage of advanced features such as the ASD TCPServer Developer’s Kit for autonomous control of spectrometer systems and seamless compatibility with LabVIEW® systems.

“We are offering this as an upgrade path so that our existing customers are able to utilize non-parallel port computers — especially important for the field portable market — and use the latest version of ASD software,” said Tom Brown, Director of Sales and Marketing for ASD. “We feel that this is an important message to our user base that we are committed to helping them continue to get the most out of their investment.”

About ASD

Based in Boulder and with customers around the world, ASD provides the most reliable, high-performance analytical instrumentation solutions to industrial professionals, analytical researchers, and remote sensing scientists. In collaboration with our customers since 1990, our applications support team remains unsurpassed in solving the world’s most challenging materials measurement problems.

For more information, please contact Amanda Griffin, ASD Marketing Communications Manager, 5335 Sterling Dr., Suite A, Boulder, CO, 80301; 303/444-6522, 303/444-6825 (fax); [email protected];


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