Announcing a Universal Source for Mass Spectrometry

Newomics is proud to announce our newest product, a universal ion source for electrospray ionization mass spectrometry or UniESI Source. The UniESI Source is truly a “source for the masses.”

UniESI Source customers can achieve ultrasensitive single-cell proteomics, and reproducible high-throughput quantitation of proteins or small molecules, using a single ion source interfaced with their mass spectrometers.

The UniESI Source is a game-changing product. A truly open-source end-to-end solution that puts an end to juggling 3-4 ion sources with different tubing connections on the same mass spectrometer.

Powered by Newomics’ breakthrough multispray technology with M3 emitter and MEA chip, the UniESI Source interfaces with leading LC columns from IonOpticks, and with mass spectrometers from Thermo Fisher, Agilent, Bruker, Shimadzu, and Waters.

Swappable modules for diverse nanoflow and microflow LCMS applications make the system a versatile and universal nano/micro ion source for mass spectrometry.

“We listened to our customers and the UniESI Source is our answer to their needs of streamlining their workflows with different LC columns, even self-packed columns, for diverse applications such as single cell analysis, drug discovery, and clinical diagnosis, using a wide range of mass spectrometers. We look forward to working with LCMS consumable companies to integrate their products with our UniESI Source, and continuously with mass spectrometer vendors, to make our UniESI Source for the masses,” said Daojing Wang, Founder and CEO, Newomics.

To become our early access customer for the UniESI Source, visit: Introducing the Newomics UniESI Source.

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