BioEcho Life Sciences Secures European Patent for EchoLUTION™ Technology

BioEcho Life Sciences is pleased to broadcast that the European Patent Office has granted a patent for the groundbreaking EchoLUTION technology (Nr. EP3619309). The patent application titled “Rapid purification of high-quality nucleic acids from biological samples” highlights the uniqueness and novelty of the technology.

“We are thrilled to receive European patent approval for our EchoLUTION technology,” said Thomas Neuman, CEO of BioEcho Life Sciences. “This recognition validates the ingenuity and dedication of our team in developing innovative solutions that empower researchers worldwide. With this patent secured, we look forward to further expanding the reach of EchoLUTION technology and driving impactful advancements in molecular biology.”

The EchoLUTION technology, developed by a team of experts, revolutionizes DNA and RNA extraction by offering a streamlined, single-step purification procedure that delivers rapid results with unparalleled efficiency. The patented technology significantly reduces processing time and plastic waste while maintaining the highest standards of nucleic acid purity and yield.

This patent grants BioEcho exclusive rights to the technology within the European Union, further enhancing the company’s intellectual property portfolio (EchoLUTION is also patented in the US, Japan, and Australia). Moreover, it solidifies BioEcho’s position as an innovator in the field of molecular biology and underscores the company’s commitment to driving advancements in nucleic acid processing.

About BioEcho Life Sciences

BioEcho Life Sciences is a specialized solution provider for the extraction and analysis of nucleic acids. We create disruptive technologies, products, and workflows that make downstream processing of nucleic acids easier and faster, significantly increase throughput, and deliver reliable results. Our EchoLUTION technology enables the fastest DNA and RNA extraction on the market – in just one single step. It reduces the associated plastic consumption by up to 70 %.

BioEcho was founded in 2016 by leading industry experts. The headquarter in Cologne, Germany, is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

BioEcho. The Nucleic Acid Experts.

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