BioForce Nanosciences’ European Distributor NanoAndMore GmbH Sells Nano eNabler(TM) System to Italian Institute of Technology in Genova

Distributor’s Fourth Sale in Europe

AMES, Iowa–BioForce Nanosciences Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: BFNH – News), a leader in systems integration at the micro- and nano-scales to create products for the life sciences, is pleased to announce that European distributor NanoAndMore GmbH has completed the sale of a Nano eNabler™ System at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova. The instrument is scheduled to be installed in the Department of Neuroscience and Brain Technologies (NBT), led by Professor Fabio Benfenati.

With this completion of their fourth sale in Continental Europe, NanoAndMore GmbH CEO Peer Burshille reports that they continue to encounter strong interest in the Nano eNabler benchtop molecular printer. Mr. Burshille added, “I am encouraged by the enthusiastic response we are receiving in Europe about the Nano eNabler and I feel very confident that the current surge of interest is the beginning of a trend. The addition of the new Cyto eNabler™ System to this line of products is, in my opinion, a wise move to extend the capabilities of the technology and reach out to an ever widening audience of customers.”

Kerry Frey, President and Chief Executive Officer of BioForce Nanosciences, said, “We are very happy with NanoAndMore’s success. They are a key component of our worldwide network of distributors that is responsible for sales of our products outside the US. This network operates in all major scientific research markets and complements our US in-house sales force.”

BioForce recently announced the addition of the Cyto eNabler System, an instrument custom tailored to the needs of the cell biology market, to its product line. This new device offers a user friendly entry into surface patterning for customers focused on stem cell research, tissue engineering, and the development of live cell assays to hasten the drug discovery process. The original Nano eNabler remains the premier model, with capabilities that are ideal for developing new biosensor concepts into useful diagnostic devices. Its nanoscale precision and versatility to deposit virtually any biomaterial onto sensor surfaces remains unmatched by any other technology.

About BioForce Nanosciences Holdings Inc.

BioForce Nanosciences creates products and solutions for the life sciences by integrating biological and mechanical systems at the micro and nano scales. BioForce’s flagship product, the Nano eNabler™ molecular printer, gives the Company and its customers a platform for development and discovery by printing tiny domains of biological materials on surfaces with nanometer spatial precision. BioForce technology is being used in areas such as biosensor functionalization; pattering and cell adhesion; and the printing of proteins to guide neural cell growth. For more information, visit or call 515-233-8333.

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