Biotage Launches New 24 Well Pyrosequencing® System

Next Generation Pyrosequencing® System; PyroMark™Q24 Pyrosequencing technology in a 24 well format for low throughput epigenetic studies.

Uppsala, Sweden 31 March 2008 – Pyrosequencing AB, a subsidiary of Biotage AB today announced the launch of PyroMark™Q24 the latest in the range of Pyrosequencing® Systems. This new high-performance platform includes a complete software package for the study of genetic and epigenetic variation of genes, providing CpG methylation allele quantification and mutation analysis. These studies are used for a wide range of clinical research, for example the identification and tracking of changes involved in various forms of cancer. Studying these changes using Pyrosequencing® technology, which is based on the principles of sequencing by synthesis, is an ideal choice for genetic analysis in clinical research. The output information is based on real sequence data providing integrated quality control and security in the quality of the results.

The system, aimed at lower throughput needs, optimizes the management of fewer samples. The 24 well plate format and the ability to run and analyze both mutation and methylation assays on the same plate provides an ideal solution for managing low sample numbers or mixed analysis needs while providing the accuracy, flexibility and convenience offered by Pyrosequencing® technology.

Until now Pyrosequencing® technology has only been available in higher throughput systems, placing it out of the reach of many researchers. ‘’With the introduction of the new PyroMark™Q24 system we plan to open up the availability of Pyrosequencing® technology to many more researchers.’’ Said Torben Jørgensen President and CEO of Biotage AB

The PyroMark™Q24 performance has been successfully demonstrated at sites in the US and Europe. Pyromark™Q24 was shown to provide reproducible and reliable results at the Dept of Pathology, Uppsala University Hospital for clinical diagnostics in oncology.

According to Jakob Lindmark VP Sales and Marketing for Biosystems unit at Biotage the PyroMark™Q24 is the first in a series of solutions for different applications in this lower throughput format.

About Biotage

Biotage is a global company active in life science research with strong technologies, a broad range of operations and a long-term view of the market. The company offers solutions, knowledge and experience in the areas of genetic analysis and medicinal chemistry. In 2005 operations and products were acquired from the American company Argonaut, further strengthening the medicinal chemistry product range. The customers include the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical companies, the world’s top 20 biotech companies, and leading academic institutes. The company is headquartered in Uppsala and has offices in the U.S., Japan, UK, Germany and several other European countries. Biotage has 336 employees and had sales of 496,4 MSEK in 2007. Biotage is listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm AB. Website:

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