Bolstering industrial process monitoring technologies through the acquisition of Process Instruments, Inc. in the United States

This acquisition will expand business ventures by leveraging Process Instruments’ industrial process instrument business oriented primarily around refinery and petrochemistry solutions in the United States and HORIBA’s global sales network.

The integration of Process Instruments’ robust devices and data analysis capabilities cultivated in oil markets with HORIBA’s lineup of highly accurate spectroscopy solutions is expected to realize the high-precision real-time monitoring that has typically been difficult to achieve in industrial processes. Even outside of the oil industry, we will create new value in process monitoring for pharmaceutical, material, and other such sectors, with the goal of accelerating our growth in these important markets.

Irvine, Calif. – HORIBA Instruments Incorporated (Irvine, California, USA), a HORIBA Group company, announced today that it has acquired Process Instruments, Inc. (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, hereinafter “Process Instruments”).  Process Instruments, a leading developer and manufacturer of Raman process spectroscopy for environmental and process markets, will become part of the HORIBA Group’s [HORIBA Process & Environmental]

Business Field and Background

Expanding Process Instruments businesses via the HORIBA global network

Controlling the state of a product material through real-time monitoring of its chemical reaction process is becoming more important than ever to achieve not only fast but also high-quality production in every industry, which is currently driving demand for industrial process monitoring. Especially at refinery and petrochemical sites, companies are pursuing efficient measurement of a wide variety of streams in harsh environments.

As one core product of Process Instruments, its Raman process spectroscopy is highly competitive and holds a large share of the North American market due to superior robustness and the ability to analyze dozens of streams with a single instrument. By taking advantage of HORIBA’s global sales and support network, we will be able to expand Process Instruments’ industrial process monitoring business from North America to the rest of the world.

Opening channels to new markets by integrating HORIBA and Process Instruments technologies 

The integration of technologies from both our companies brings with it tremendous potential. Raman process spectroscopy is not only one technical strength of HORIBA as a superior analysis solution at a molecular level but also a distinct feature of core Process Instruments products. In comparison with chromatography and near-infrared spectroscopy, which are two other predominant analysis solutions, industries are showing even broader needs for Raman spectroscopy in industrial process monitoring due to its high-precision analysis capabilities.

Moreover, HORIBA provides a lineup of high-precision spectroscopy solutions amassed over many years across a wide range of applications in addition to Raman spectroscopy. The integration of Process Instruments’ robust devices and data analysis capabilities cultivated in oil markets with HORIBA’s lineup of highly accurate spectroscopy solutions is expected to realize high-precision real-time monitoring as well as create new applications for Raman spectroscopy.

The fierce development race within sectors experiencing a lot of investment is driving the need for faster and more accurate process monitoring, particularly high. For example, the amazing evolution of biotechnologies is generating enormous competition to develop new drugs and biomedicines in the bio-healthcare sector. Competition from the pursuit of miniaturization and weight reductions to more refined and highly functional materials is strikingly remarkable in cutting-edge material and other such fields pitting researchers against one another.

We will create new applications for our technologies in industrial fields experiencing fiercely competitive development by promoting a synergistic effect between HORIBA and Process Instruments technologies. We will broaden our perspective as well to create applications for carbon-neutral fields. The development of a wide range of applications in step with the three megatrends in the Energy & Environment, Bio & Healthcare, and Materials & Semiconductor markets will help revolutionize manufacturing.

 Dr. Lee Smith, President of Process Instruments. Inc, said “I am extremely excited about the combination of Process Instruments and HORIBA. HORIBA’s global marketing expertise and vast technology base will expand our process Raman capabilities into new market opportunities around the globe that we have not been available previously”.

■ Process Instruments Inc. provides HORIBA Process & Environmental with the opportunity to expand its Raman analyzer offering for the petrochemical and renewable energy markets. Process Instruments Inc. adds laboratory QC/QA and process Raman technology to HORIBA’s Raman portfolio.  “This enhances HORIBA’s global leading position with HORIBA Scientific already providing Raman technology for the research and development markets”, said Dr. Jai Hakhu, Chairman and CEO of HORIBA Instruments Incorporated.

[About Process Instruments]

Process Instruments is a high technology company located in Salt Lake City near the University of Utah. For nearly thirty years since its establishment in 1994, the company has been advancing the state of the art in industrial process monitoring using Raman spectroscopy and provides a complete information gathering and process control solution for various applications worldwide. For more information on Process Instruments, visit Process Instruments Inc. (

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