Bruker Daltonics Introduces Next-Generation Horizontal Top-of-the-Line MALDI-TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer at IMSC

PRAGUE, Czech Republic–Aug. 27, 2006– Next-Generation ultraflex III Offers Unique Smartbeam Technology, Further Boosts Sensitivity and Triples Acquisition Speed for Most Advanced LC-MALDI Workflow At the 17th International Mass Spectrometry Conference IMSC, Bruker Daltonics today announces its next-generation horizontal top-of-the-line ultraflex(R) III smartbeam(TM) MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer. The new ultraflex III combines various innovative features and further pushes the TOF/TOF performance envelope for applications like LC-MALDI and MALDI molecular imaging, where highest sensitivity and speed are required. An even further improved smartbeam laser with computer-controlled settings of the laser focus size from 10 um to 80 um makes the new ultraflex III an ideal choice for MALDI molecular imaging. Absorbing tissue areas can now be scanned with a very small laser focus and adjustable repetition rates from 1 Hz to 200 Hz, providing maximum sensitivity. The ultraflex III boosts sensitivity even further and increases acquisition speed by a factor of three for LC-MALDI workflows, in comparison to the previous ultraflex II system. The all-purpose WARP-LC(TM) workflow software supports intelligent, result-dependent LC-MALDI acquisition, protein sequence validation, PTM screening and accurate quantitative proteomics for all label chemistries, to ensure outstanding top-of-the-line ultraflex III TOF/TOF performance. “Its further sensitivity and speed performance enhancements make the ultraflex III the cutting-edge system in virtually all MALDI-TOF/TOF applications. Our unique smartbeam technology, in combination with the new variable focus size, makes the ultraflex III most versatile not only for MALDI imaging but for a broad range of large molecule analyses,” stated Bruker Daltonics Vice President Dr. Ian Sanders. “Our extensive, fully-integrated MALDI-TOF product portfolio, including our brand-new autoflex III smartbeam and ultraflex III smartbeam TOF/TOF instruments, further establishes Bruker Daltonics’ leadership position in expression proteomics and clinical proteomics.” For further information on IMSC, please visit

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