Geospiza Expands Collaboration with Applied Biosystems to Integrate Genetic Analysis Products

SEATTLE–Aug. 28, 2006– Genetic Analysis Integration Tool Provides GeneMapper(R) and SeqScape(R) Users with the Ability to Directly Query Data Collected and Managed in Geospiza’s Finch(R) Suite Geospiza, the life science industry’s leading developer of information technology solutions to automate genetic testing and data production, today announced the expansion of the companies’ 2005 platform collaboration agreement and its participation in Applied Biosystems’ Software Community Program. The first product resulting from the expanded collaboration integrates Applied Biosystems’ GeneMapper(R) and SeqScape(R) genetic analysis tools with Geospiza’s Finch(R) Suite data management system, and is expected to dramatically improve customers’ ability to scale and automate their information technology infrastructure to meet growing challenges in data analysis and workflow management. “Our expanded collaboration with Applied Biosystems will be welcomed news to our joint clinical and life science research customers seeking fully integrated data management and analysis solutions,” noted Kevin Banks, Ph.D., Vice President of Business Development at Geospiza. “By deepening the integration between the Geospiza Finch Suite platform and the widely adopted GeneMapper and SeqScape applications, our customers can, for perhaps the first time, invest in a cohesive data generation, management and analysis system that can easily scale as their data volumes and throughput needs grow.” Developed in collaboration with Applied Biosystems and supported by Geospiza, the Finch(R) Suite Genetic Analysis Integration Tool gives users the ability to leverage the power of the searchable, shareable, web-based external Finch(R) Suite database from within Applied Biosystems’ GeneMapper(R) and SeqScape(R) applications. The integrated solution provides users with significantly improved data management and analysis workflow and tools for collaboration and for sharing their research and discovery projects. “Applied Biosystems is pleased to extend its collaboration with Geospiza and welcomes the company as a leading participant in our new Software Community Program,” said Kevin Corcoran, Vice President and General Manager, Applied Biosystems. “Geospiza’s Genetic Analysis Integration Tool exemplifies the leading edge of scalable data management applications for Applied Biosystems’ genetic analyzers that streamline analysis workflow and increase data sharing in research laboratories.” Dr. Mary Davis, Head of the Neurogenetics Laboratory at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, UK, notes, “With demands for our molecular diagnostic services continuing to grow, we are very pleased that Applied Biosystems and Geospiza are working together to develop integrated software solutions that will help us automate and scale our genetic testing and data production.” Geospiza is already supporting select customers in full production with the Genetic Analysis Integration Tool and plans to make it commercially available beginning September 4, 2006. Under the terms of the agreement, Geospiza will assume responsibility for the distribution and support of the new integration tool. For more information, please go to:

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