Cellectricon launches Pioneering Systems for Adherent Cell Electroporation

Gothenburg, Sweden — Cellectricon today announced the launch of the new CellaxessTM CX1 and CX3 Systems for adherent cell electroporation based on Cellectricon’s patented (U.S. Patent #6,521,430) capillary electroporation technology. The technology provides new possibilities for hard-to-transfect cells.

Developed for life scientists, Cellaxess offers novel transfection capabilities based on patented and revolutionary capillary electroporation technology. Cellectricon launches two systems, the Cellaxess CX1 and CX3 Systems. The Cellaxess CX1 is a micromanipulator-based system for precise targeting of distinct areas directly in cell culture dishes. The Cellaxess CX1 system installs on inverted microscopes and enables instant read-out after electroporation. The Cellaxess CX3 is a parallel 3-channel system designed for electroporation in 96-well plates, 35 mm cell culture dishes or larger.

Both systems are specifically designed for direct transfection of adherent cell cultures and are suitable for both hard-to-transfect cells such as primary- and stem cells, as well as traditional immortalized cell lines. The method is based on exposing the cell surface locally to an electric field and transfection substances simultaneously. By employing capillary electrodes, adherent cells are easily electroporated directly in the cell-culture dish where they are grown. Cellaxess offers unparalleled ease of operation due to direct electroporation of adherent cells.

Experimental operations are kept to a minimum with no need for suspension steps, transfer to special electroporation cuvettes, or re-culturing after electroporation. During the whole process, perfect control over the cells that are transfected is achieved. The Cellaxess system is easy to implement, has low substance consumption, and provides a high degree of experimental control. In addition, the number of cell handling steps is minimized, resulting in less labor requirements along with high success rates and viability.

“We’ve developed the new Cellaxess Systems to meet the increasing demand for an effective transfection method for primary cells and stem cells, especially in the rapidly growing field of RNAi,” stated Ulf Jönsson, CEO at Cellectricon. “With Cellaxess, researchers’ can electroporate hard-to-transfect cell types with excellent viabilities, low toxicity and high reproducibility.”

About Cellectricon

Cellectricon AB (Gothenburg, Sweden) invents and develops new types of functional cellbased screening devices for applications in drug discovery and basic research. The company utilizes state of the art interfaces to biological systems by employing novel microfabrication technologies and smart engineering solutions. This enables completely new types of assays and devices with superior performance characteristics and robustness. Cellectricon’s products are designed to enable substantial increases in productivity at the highest data quality. The company was formed in 2000 based on an extensive and solid patent portfolio within different areas such as high-throughput electrophysiology, microfluidics, microfabrication, and electroporation. Cellectricon is a privately held company and the main shareholders are InnovationsKapital, Investor Growth Capital and Karolinska Investment Fund.

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