Applera and Genetic Technologies Announce Settlement

Melbourne, Australia-Genetic Technologies (GTC) has reached a final settlement with Applera, resulting in binding agreements, and a license for Applera to use GTC’s patents covering non coding regions of the human genome. In 2003, GTC filed suit against Applera for infringement of its US Patent No. 5,612,179. (Intron Sequence Analysis Method for Detection of Adjacent and Remote Locus Alleles as Haplotypes”) and US Patent No. 5,851,762 (“Genomic Mapping Method by Direct Haplotyping Using Intron Sequence Analysis”). According to Applera, GTC alleged that Applera’s cystic fibrosis reagent kits, TaqMan genotyping and gene expression assay products for non-coding regions, TaqMan assay services for non-coding regions, AmpFLSTR kits, SNPlex Genotyping System, SNPbrowser tool and Celera Discovery System infringed the patents.

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