ChromaTan Receives a $2M Phase IIB NIH Grant to Develop a Fully Integrated Continuous Purification of AAV via BioRMB™ – a Column-Free Steady-State Continuous Elution Purification Platform.

LOWER GWYNEDD, Pa. — ChromaTan, a bioprocessing and biotools advanced biomanufacturing technology platform development company, is excited to announce the award of NIH IIB grant of $2M from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, for the development and integration of ChromaTan’s novel BioRMB™ single-use, column-free, steady-state continuous counter-current elution technology for manufacturing AAVs. This project further highlights ChromaTan’s commitment to improving biologics manufacturing, while reducing manufacturing costs and optimizing the environmental footprint of biopharmaceuticals through process intensification.

The project aims to develop AAV purification process trains for at least 2 AAV serotypes sourced from Chromatan’s commercial partners for both capture and polishing (empty/full separation) as well as scale the BioRMB™ platform to both pilot and large-scale cGMP production.

“The BioRMB™ platform is a next generation bioprocessing technology that will lead to intensified and integrated continuous biomanufacturing. The approach is very powerful for multiple reasons such as improvements in manufacturability, process economics, improved recovery and product quality. This grant empowers us to take that idea a step further – by integrating these hyper-efficient next-generation platforms, we will have the potential to transform gene therapy manufacturing as we know it,” says Oleg Shinkazh, Chief Technical officer at Chromatan.

This project is being developed with an award from the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) a constituent Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH – Grant number R44GM154572)

About ChromaTan
ChromaTan, a privately held bioprocessing and biotools company, has created a novel purification system called BioRMB™ (formerly known as Continuous Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography or CCTC). The platform has been launched in 2023, and has successfully demonstrated significant improvements in productivity, product recovery and product quality for multiple types of biologics including gene therapies, mRNA and monoclonal antibodies.

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