PreOmics Introduces Novel ENRICHplus Kits for Deep, MS-based Plasma Proteomics

High-throughput, easy to automate and affordable plasma proteomics with quantitative precision

  • ENRICHplus enables deep access to the plasma proteome by up to 7-fold increased protein identifications compared to neat plasma, with outstanding reproducibility (e.g., CV 11%)
  • ENRICHplus enabled the identification of a cumulative 5,800 protein groups in a small clinical study (6 healthy donors, 6 colorectal cancer patients)
  • ENRICHplus utilizes a proprietary single particle-type for easy-to-automate, economic plasma proteomics workflows with excellent quantitative precision
  • ENRICHplus, combined with Bruker’s timsTOF® HT system and Biognosys’ Spectronaut® 19 software, creates an outstanding, easily accessible deep plasma proteomics platform

ANAHEIM, California – PreOmics GmbH announces its new ENRICHplus technology, which enables the efficient and reliable enrichment of low-abundance plasma proteins to enhance the depths of plasma proteomic analyses up to 7-fold compared to neat plasma. This new single particle-type kit enables fast, robust, automatable, and affordable processing of up to 96 plasma samples in parallel, retaining excellent quantitative precision.

In combination with Bruker’s timsTOF HT mass spectrometers and Biognosys Spectronaut® 19 software (Fig. 1A), ENRICHplus enables deep plasma proteome access, setting a new standard for deep, unbiased and affordable plasma proteome identification and quantitation with very low <1% false discovery rates, and without the need for expensive affinity assays with epitope crosstalk.

When using ENRICHplus, a small clinical study (Fig. 1B) with 12 plasma samples (6 healthy donors and 6 colorectal cancer patients) resulted in a 6.8-fold increase in identifications compared to neat plasma (pooled samples), with close to 5,800 identified protein groups (cumulative single measurements).

ENRICHplus provides access to low-abundance proteins over a concentration range of 10 orders of magnitude (Human Protein Atlas) with superb precision and a low coefficient of variation (CV) of ~11%, allowing reliable, affordable, and high-throughput protein quantitation in plasma proteomics.

Sample preparation on the ENRICHplus plasma proteomics platform is automated on the Tecan Fluent® platform to enable high-throughput and standardized analysis of large plasma cohorts. To further improve throughput, ultra-short gradients can be applied without any loss of precision compared to long gradients. Over 2,100 protein identifications have been achieved with a CV of 10% running a 5-min gradient, which opens up opportunities for rapid, large-scale plasma proteomics studies.

Automation is key for high-throughput plasma proteomics, and Luca Valeggia, Senior Vice President

– Lab Automation at Tecan, Switzerland, said: “We are delighted to continue our collaboration with PreOmics. By automating their new ENRICHplus kits on our Fluent® automation workstation with the integrated Resolvex® i300, we’re enabling robust and reproducible high-throughput sample preparation for large cohort liquid biopsy studies, helping to further accelerate progress in this rapidly advancing field.”

Fig. 1: (A) Streamlined plasma proteomics combining PreOmics’ ENRICHplus sample preparation, Bruker’s timsTOF HT system and Biognosys Spectronaut® 19 software. (B) Protein identifications of neat and ENRICHplus-processed plasma samples (pool of 6 healthy donors, 6 colorectal cancer patients). LC-MS data acquired on timsTOF HT (17’ LC gradient, 36 SPD) and analyzed with Spectronaut® 19.


Dr. Roman Fischer, Associate Professor and Head of Discovery Proteomics Facility, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, stated: “[…] ENRICHplus is changing the way we do plasma proteomics. On Bruker’s timsTOF Pro we could achieve on average 3,800 protein identifications per sample with a throughput of 60 samples per day while only using 20ul of plasma. We never before achieved such depth with a single run, now enabling us to detect tissue leakage proteins and other low abundance potential biomarkers for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. […] ENRICHplus is an efficient and game-changing platform for deep, unbiased, high-fidelity plasma proteomics.”

Having compared the new ENRICHplus approach to the established ENRICH-iST kits for mid-level plasma proteomic depth, Drs. Sandra Goethe and Audrey van Drogen, Wollscheid Laboratory & ETH PHRT Swiss Multi-Omics Center, Switzerland, confirmed: “[…] We recently evaluated the newly released ENRICHplus kit from PreOmics. In our hands, the identification of proteins with the ENRICHplus kit clearly outperformed the standard ENRICH-iST.”

ENRICHplus democratizes high-end, deep unbiased plasma proteomics with simplicity, versatility, and affordability. By compressing the dynamic range and accessing low-abundance plasma proteins, ENRICHplus unlocks a wealth of biological information previously not easily or economically accessible. This empowers researchers to explore new avenues of biological or disease research discovery. Its automation-friendly design ensures higher throughput and standardization, its robustness allows for quantitative precision and reliable results. ENRICHplus demonstrates its high value for large cohort plasma proteomics in translational and preclinical research.

Experience the power of ENRICHplus firsthand at ASMS. Visit our booth #308 and posters ThP079 and ThP080 to speak directly with the PreOmics plasma proteomics experts.

To accelerate research endeavors further, PreOmics is offering an exclusive early access program for ENRICHplus. Researchers can apply on the PreOmics website:

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