Eksigent Technologies Introduces the Express HPLC System

System dramatically increases analytical HPLC throughput and resolution

Livermore, California: Eksigent Technologies, a leader in the field of microfluidics, today announced that its Express™ HPLC system will be introduced at Pittcon 2004, to be held March 7-12 in Chicago. The Express system is a fully integrated HPLC system that combines advances in gradient delivery and mixing, sample injection, and optical detection to deliver dramatically increased levels of separation resolution and speed. The system can increase sample throughput by as much as 6 times relative to conventional HPLC, making it ideally suited for high throughput applications in drug discovery and development.

The Express system includes a complete line of instruments and consumables. The system includes a binary gradient pump with high pressure mixing, autosampler, variable sample injection, UV detector, control software, and separation columns. Single channel Express-100 systems are available immediately. Multiplexed, fully independent 8-channel Express-800 systems will be available in the second half of 2004. Dr. Dave Rakestraw, Eksigent co-founder and leader of Express system development, stated, “we are excited to be launching the Express system following our successful beta testing and early access program. Pharma and biotech companies need to increase analytical throughput to accelerate the drug discovery process, and the Express system provides directly addresses this need.”

The Express system is based on Eksigent’s Microfluidic Flow Control (MFC) technology, which was first introduced in the company’s highly acclaimed NanoLC Proteomics system in 2003. According to Dr. Phil Paul, Chief Technology Officer, “our early access partners have demonstrated that the Express system increases injection-to-injection throughput by as much as 6 times relative to conventional HPLC, without a loss in resolution. This dramatic increase in speed is critical for such high throughput applications as in vitro ADME-Tox screening, which can help pharmaceutical companies identify druggable lead candidates much earlier in the discovery process. Additionally, the system requires 99% less solvent and sample than conventional HPLC systems.”

About Eksigent Technologies
Eksigent Technologies is pioneering microfluidic systems for use in proteomics, drug discovery, medical devices, and other life science applications. Eksigent’s core microfluidic technologies include microscale pumping, microfluidic system design, and microfabrication. Products include the NanoLC system for highly sensitive LC/MS and high throughput HPLC, and the EKPump for precise microscale fluid delivery. More information about the company is available at www.eksigent.com.

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