GenoLogics Releases Geneus 4.0 Enabling NextGen Sequencing Capabilities

VICTORIA, BC, Canada – June 9, 2008 – GenoLogics, the leading developer of translational research informatics solutions, today announced the new release of its lab and data management system for genomics research, Geneus 4.0, with many new enhancements including the ability to handle NextGen sequencing workflows. “GenoLogics has partnered with Illumina and is now an Illumina Connect member with capabilities to integrate microarray, as well as sequencing-based workflows into their genomics data management system,” said Omoshile Clement, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager of Informatics for Illumina. Illumina Connect is a bioinformatics partnership program that offers customers the ability to extend data analysis beyond Illumina’s BeadStudio platform for advanced downstream analysis. Dr. Clement continued, “We are excited to see GenoLogics taking a proactive approach and integrating their software analysis tools with sequencing platform’s such as Illumina’s Genome Analyzer.” Geneus increases the productivity of genomic research laboratories challenged with managing large amounts of data. The solution is preconfigured to address genomic workflows, including NextGen sequencing, and delivers advanced querying and reporting capabilities along with a secure web interface to facilitate collaboration. “The development of Geneus functionality to effectively manage NextGen sequencing from Illumina, ABI, Roche or other vendors, was a natural path for expanding the capabilities of Geneus,” said GenoLogics’ VP of Products, Sal Sanci. “Purpose built for genomics data management, Geneus provides immediate out-of-the box impact for our clients performing PCR, microarray, genotyping and sequencing workflows.” Geneus is a robust sample tracking and data management system for large research and core laboratories. The solution simplifies end-to-end sample and data management by integrating with instruments and software programs from leading genomics technology providers. A configurable and flexible platform, Geneus is designed to adapt to evolving technologies and changes in lab operations. Labs can create their own workflows and processes without the need to write code. Geneus enables automatic execution of scripts and retrieval of results from bioinformatics pipelines, as well as an adaptive reporting framework to pull meaningful results for analysis. Geneus is part of the GenoLogics Solutions for Research Informatics for discovery labs. Along with its sister-solution, Proteus and a highly configurable common platform, Geneus enables research organizations to conduct systems biology efficiently and effectively. The GenoLogics Research Informatics solution enables data from different science workflows and across multiple labs to be tracked, captured and stored in one secure, central lab and data management system. About GenoLogics GenoLogics provides enterprise level informatics solutions to the life sciences market that spans both the discovery and biomedical research domains. Our science purposed modules for discovery research are complemented by a highly configurable, integrating lab informatics platform that is scalable to service many labs and sciences across an organization. Our biomedical informatics product suite allows labs to track and manage their biospecimen and clinical annotations data, while aggregating results with our research informatics system for a holistic solution. For more information, please visit

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