GHC to Provide ICx With Advanced Technology for Integrated and Efficient Biodetection Solutions

WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 — ICx Technologies, a provider of

advanced technology solutions for homeland and military security, has

acquired GHC Technologies, a developer of technologies for rapid molecular

detection. This acquisition provides ICx with leading edge technologies to

be integrated into its next generation biodetection products and solutions.

The added expertise will also allow ICx to provide extremely fast and

highly accurate detection of bioagents to military and security agencies at

a low cost.

ICx currently offers a strong line of products to help reduce the

vulnerability of individuals and assets to biological threats. Such

products include a biological “smoke alarm” that continuously monitors for

indoor hazards by assessing changes in ambient air biological particulate

levels. ICx plans to incorporate GHC technologies into its existing product

line as well as in current and future research and development projects in

order to provide integrated biodefense solutions.

“GHC is a leader in adapting high performance laboratory assays to meet

the demanding requirements of real world security applications. They are

currently funded by DHS on a number of important biosensing programs, such

as a rapid pathogen detector for building security and a highly sensitive

pathogen reporter for city-wide surveillance,” said David Cullin, ICx

Senior Vice President of Technology Transition. “ICx is remarkably adept at

bringing advanced technologies to the market quickly. The GHC technology

will be rapidly integrated into our biodefense solutions targeted at

sensing harmful bioagaents in buildings, transportation terminals and

public arenas, as well as for frontline military applications.”

Current ICx biodefense products include biosamplers and biotriggers

which are deployed at first responder sites, fire departments and critical

DoD and commercial buildings. These biological “smoke alarm” products

provide the first line of defense against airborne bioagents. The

technologies developed by GHC round out the product line to include rapid,

highly specific detection and identification of biological warfare agents

such as Anthrax and will ultimately allow ICx to accurately and affordably

identify such agents on the frontline.

“We are excited to join the growing ICx team,” said Dr. Roland

Stoughton, CEO of GHC. “We see very strong synergies with the existing ICx

products and systems and a clear path to fielding our technology.”

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