JULABO USA Taps Into Subscription Economy for Lab Equipment

Allentown, Pa  — Content streaming and meal delivery services aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the subscription business model. Starting in the second quarter, JULABO USA began to offer subscription-based pricing for its customers in the liquid temperature control market, impacting industries ranging from general lab supply to semiconductor to automotive.

“The JULABO Subscription® model is not just for startups, or even small companies for that matter. It affords any size company access to the highest quality liquid temperature control equipment on the market without requiring a capital expense budget,” said Dr. Dirk Frese, VP of Sales, Marketing & Service at JULABO USA. “Our portfolio will remain available on a pay-per-product basis, but for us, this option provides yet another competitive advantage for our customers.”

“It was the ‘rent to own’ option that made this offering so compelling”, shared Stwart Peña Feliz, CEO of MacroCycle Technologies. “For the type of application this equipment will be serving, we may not know from the onset how long the unit will remain in commission. JULABO Subscription® gives us the peace of mind that we are only investing in this equipment for as long as we truly need it. It also allows us to have more freedom to upgrade our setup as needed further down the line and to retain additional capital for these upgrades as we continue to scale up for the months and years to come.”

JULABO Subscription® is being offered on select new units only for a standard term of 36 months. The package includes all the benefits of JULABO USA’s existing extended warranty plan, JULABO Shield, including shipping to and from the customer and shipping for all warranty repairs throughout the duration of the subscription, up to six years. In addition, customers are ensured that the monthly payment schedule established upfront is fixed for the duration term, independent of future price increases.

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