Launching the Quasar-1064nm Raman Spectrometer: StellarElite™ Performance with 10x Optical Gain

StellarNet launches the new Quasar-1064nm, NIR Raman Spectrometer to its StellarElite™ line of high performance spectrometers! It has f/2 transmission grating optics that provide a whopping 10 times optical gain, making it super sensitive and precise for Raman spectroscopy. This translates into taking spectroscopic measurements 10x faster, reducing noise, and increasing detection limits astronomically. A game-changer for scientific research and industrial use!

Advantages of 1064nm Raman Spectroscopy:

Enhanced Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Operating at the 1064nm wavelength, the Quasar spectrometer offers superior signal-to-noise ratios, enabling researchers to detect even the faintest Raman signals with unparalleled clarity and accuracy.

Reduced Fluorescence Interference: Unlike shorter wavelengths commonly used in Raman spectroscopy, such as 785nm or 532nm, the 1064nm wavelength minimizes fluorescence interference from samples, ensuring reliable and reproducible results across a wide range of substances.

Deeper Wavelength Penetration: The 1064nm wavelength penetrates deeper into samples, making it ideal for the analysis of turbid or highly scattering materials, including pharmaceutical formulations, biological tissues, and complex polymers.

Compatibility with a Diverse Range of Materials: From organic compounds to inorganic materials, the Quasar-1064nm Raman Spectrometer offers versatility and adaptability, making it suitable for a universe of research fields and industrial applications.

Applications of 1064nm Raman Spectroscopy:

The Quasar-1064nm Raman Spectrometer opens doors to exploration and discovery across various scientific disciplines and industries, including but not limited to:

Pharmaceutical Research: Accelerating drug development processes by providing insights into molecular structures, polymorphs, and drug interactions.

Materials Science: Characterizing advanced materials, nanomaterials, and thin films with unprecedented precision, facilitating innovations in electronics, energy storage, and catalysis.

Biomedical Diagnostics: Advancing biomedical research and clinical diagnostics through the analysis of biomolecules, tissues, and cells, paving the way for personalized medicine and disease detection.

Forensic Analysis: Enhancing forensic investigations by identifying trace evidence, counterfeit products, and illicit substances with unmatched sensitivity and specificity.

StellarNet thanks it’s wonderful team of engineers and scientists who worked so hard to design all the features of the Quasar-1064nm Raman Spectrometer, its new high performance design is a significant advancement for its miniaturized sized and affordable price tag revolutionizing spectroscopic analysis for years to come. StellarNet’s continued dedication to innovation in science is on display and we look forward to showing you our next new product release next month. The Mercury-OCT-Engine.

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